Added July 14, 2013: The extension of Cavendish Boulevard has been up for discussion for decades. Some love it. Some hate it. This CBC News report from the early 1990s (somewhere between 1991-1995) focuses on those against the proposed project.

The City of Cote Saint-Luc was firmly opposed to the plan under Mayor Bernard Lang. With the election of Mayor Robert Libman in 1998 a new plan for the extension was put on the table. This was unanimously approved by the CSL City Council.

Mayor Anthony Housefather, backed by the entire Council, continued to push for this extension since the Borough days (2002-2005) and since demerger (Nov. 2005).

The Quebec Liberal Party promised to move forward with this project in the last election (Spring 2012) but they were defeated by the PQ.

This will remain a hot topic into the next provincial election and until the extension is finally complete.