Open Letter to VIA Rail:

I was one of thousands of travellers who was greatly inconvenienced this past weekend when two of my bookings were cancelled due to the VIA Rail strike. Like so many others I had to make last-minute, alternative travel plans. I wasted much of my time and this created a great deal of stress to my travel companion and to me. VIA’s answer to this mess was to announce a 60% Off sale for all travellers, not just those who were abruptly dumped from their bookings. What’s worse is that VIA only offered a 3 days window to make these new bookings, right in the middle of Quebec holidays when so many are away and unavailable to take them up on the offer.

Even worse, VIA’s 1-888 number has been constantly busy and their website crashes, unable to handle the load of new bookings.

VIA should get its customer service on the right track, distinguish between those whose bookings they cancelled from those who are getting in on a good deal and offer a reasonable timeframe for these new bookings, say 30 days.

Published in Letters, Montreal Gazette