Smoke detector

Smoke detectors can be purchased for under $10 and can save your life

Yesterday’s news of a tragic fire on Van Horne Ave in Cote des Neiges should serve as a strong reminder that everyone is responsible to ensure that they have working smoke detectors in operation in their homes. 

In Cote Saint-Luc bylaws require smoke alarms to be installed on every level of the house, located in the common area (corridor) serving each floor.

If your house has been constructed after September 1987, then you must have inter-connected smoke alarms, meaning that when the corridor mounted smoke alarm sounds on the bedroom level for example, all of the smoke alarms will sound throughout the house.

We strongly recommend the installation of additional smoke alarms within each bedroom, as well as the installation of carbon monoxide detectors. In rental housing, it is the responsibility of the landlord to supply the smoke alarm and the tenant is responsible for the annual maintenance (changing the battery).

Deadly consequences need not happen in so many cases like yesterday.  Such horrible outcomes can be avoided by simply following basic fire prevention rules. Be sure to check your smoke detectors monthly and change your batteries when the clocks are adjusted in the spring and fall.

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