City Council and Parks and Recreation staff are set to announce a brand new park and innovative playground next to the brand new Aquatic and Community Centre.  With entrances on Trinity, Fairside/Glenarden and Melling, the new park will be a flagship for area residents as well as patrons of the indoor and outdoor pool facilities.

The conceptual plan of the new park (click here to view: New Park) was approved by Council in July following extensive consultations with planning experts, recreation staff and city councillors.  As well, as the district Councillor I invited local resident Justin Cohen, a father of young children to offer his suggestions and to comment on the design.

Some of the highlights of the park:

  • Gateways /Entrances: The entrances will be gated in an ornamental fashion at the three entry points.
  • Trees will be plentiful to offer maximum screening to nearby homes.
  • Pathways: The pathways will be constructed with crushed stone
  • Lighting: Low energy consumption LED lighting will be considered ensuring that is directional and not to cause spillover onto the adjacent homes.
  • The 6-12 year old play equipment will be extraordinary, unlike anything seen in Cote Saint-Luc before, featuring interactive light and sound equipment that can be played alone, or in groups, and all year-long.
  • Play surfaces will be of a soft foam nature and sand will not be used.
  • A large canvas will shade some of the play area.

Investment by the city is substantial with reconstruction and purchase of equipment costing upwards of $350,000 with completion expected late in the fall so the park would be in use in full next spring.

The play equipment, manufactured by Kompan, is the absolute coolest play structure I’ve ever seen for a public park.  It is highly interactive and innovative and encourages movement and group participation.  Click here to watch a video demonstration. This park will be an instant hit with local kids and those at the pool.  It is intended to have this play system used all year-long.

One of my goals since demerger in 2006 was to completely rejuvenate CSL’s playgrounds, some of which still sport old, wooden equipment that no longer meets modern standards and that are well past prime after decades of service.  I am so pleased to see the active participation in this vision by members of staff, City Council as well as the Mayor.


As reported in the Suburban