CSL Police station 9 managing overnight patrols again

By Joel Goldenberg, The Suburban

February 22, 2012

Montreal police Station 9, which serves Côte St. Luc, Hampstead and Montreal West, recently resumed managing overnight patrols after several years, it was announced at the Montreal West and Côte St. Luc council meetings.

“We have increased surveillance overnight by Station 9,” said Montreal West Councillor Julie Tasker-Brown, in charge of the security portfolio on council. “We used to have to share the services of [NDG’s ] Station 11, which had a big territory, and now we get Station 9 back at night. That’s good news.” The overnight service resumed in late January. Station 11 had been managing the overnight patrols for more than three years.

At the February Côte St. Luc council meeting, Councillor Glenn Nashen, who has the security portfolio on his council, made the same announcement, pointing out that the patrols “are now run out of Station 9 vehicles in our territory. “This means it’s likelier we have more manhours being covered, not into NDG, but right here in Côte St. Luc, so we appreciate Commander Sylvain Bissonnette listening to us and our neighbours, and advocating on our behalf to bring this back after a hiatus of a few years,” Nashen added.

Mayor Anthony Housefather pointed out that after advocacy by Côte St. Luc helped save Station 9 from elimination, one of the agreements involved in keeping the Cavendish Blvd. station open was to have the night shift run out of Station 11.

“I guess it’s the same with demerger – the argument was ‘you lose it, you lose it,’ and eventually you get it back,” the mayor added.