Cote Saint-Luc EMS volunteers

May 20 to 26, 2012 is the National Emergency Medical Services Week, an opportunity to recognize and thank the amazing men and women of the Emergency Medical Services who are out in the community 24×7 helping those in need.

In Cote Saint-Luc, our 100+ dedicated volunteers provide care around the clock to the ill and injured, answering more than 3,000 emergency calls in 2011.

On behalf of the City of Cote Saint-Luc, the members of City Council and the residents that we serve, Mayor Anthony Housefather joins me in expressing our gratitude for your continued commitment and contributions to our EMS service.

Our EMS service is one of the crown jewels of Cote Saint-Luc and we are extremely proud of our EMS volunteers who consistently go out into the community and help those in need.

National Emergency Medical Services Week is a time to celebrate the great work you do day in and day out. For our crews who cover shifts around the clock to the whole support team that works in the background, congratulations on a job well done. It is an honour for our city and our residents to have such caring and compassionate EMS volunteers at their service.

Keep up the great work.

To everyone in the EMS field, happy EMS Week… you deserve it !

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The following was read in the House of Commons last week, by MP Joy Smith, recognizing EMS providers across Canada for EMS WEEK:

Mr. Speaker, I am honoured to stand in the House today and call attention to Emergency Medical Services Week, which will take place next week.

There are over 30,000 paramedics from coast to coast who are represented by the Emergency Medical Services Chiefs of Canada. Paramedics are the third largest health care provider group in Canada. They serve on the front lines of health care in every community across our nation providing essential care. They are a reliable and constant presence in most remote and rural areas, as well as in our largest cities. Every day, the efforts of the communications staff, paramedics and support staff make a real difference to someone in someone’s community.

Emergency Medical Services Week 2012 salutes the men and women of Canada’s emergency medical services. I invite hon. members to join me in celebrating the lifelong dedication of emergency medical services professionals to keep Canadians safe.