This Urgences Santé ambulance spotted on Cote des Neiges Road Friday afternoon was readied for strike actions that were called off at the last moment

Urgences Sante ambulance paramedics were set to go on strike this weekend but this action was called off at the last minute.  Ambulances were already defaced with stickers by disgruntled union activists by Friday afternoon despite the strike being called off.

By law, ambulance service is considered essential and therefore the would-be strike action is limited to administrative delays, defacing property and not wearing uniforms, for example.  But delays in service is a possibility as evidenced by previous strike activity.

Nevertheless, Cote Saint-Luc’s volunteer Emergency Medical Services is always at the ready to respond to emergency calls as the authorized first responder service of this city.  EMS responds to Priority 1 (life threatening) and 3 (potentially life threatening) calls unlike the rest of the Island of Montreal where the Montreal Fire Department responds to Priority 1 only, when available.

EMS has ben known to respond to multiple emergencies at the same time.  With a fleet of three emergency first responder vehicles and some volunteers even equipped with radios and gear in their personal vehicles EMS has been able to answer as many as four emergency situations at the same time.  This is incredible service to those in Cote Saint-Luc and any strike action by ambulance technicians in the future would result in several volunteers being available to tend to the sick or injured while awaiting ambulance response.

Bravo to our dedicated and talented EMS volunteers.