CJAD reports that a Hampstead woman’s epic standoff with a construction worker is quickly going viral. When the construction worker asked the woman driving a BMW to back up so he could get through, she refused, quickly became hysterical and then even threatened to call the police! Thankfully, the construction worker had a dashboard camera to capture the whole thing.

Within three days over half a million viewers have watched this video on YouTube.  For some reason YouTube pulled it down shortly thereafter but copies are still circulating (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqf5UFbE6uU).

C’mon folks.  It may be slowing us down a little, it may be a little dustier than we like and it may be somewhat confusing with multiple road closures, missing signage or safety cones and congestion at traffic lights but it’s just a temporary inconvenience that will result in smoother roads for a long while.

Stop honking, stop cutting others off and take it slow.  Just relax.  And we’ll catch up at the next red light anyhow!