The thought of a PQ government under Pauline Marois is very scary to many Quebecers, especially Anglos.

Francois Legault is a rebranded non-separatist who will not stand up against Marois to protect Quebec’s place in Canada. Somewhat opportunistic, right? And what about his CAQ candidates? Many are former PQ separatists. How confident can an Anglo be to park their support with Legault?

Jean Charest, claims not to take the English-speaking community for granted but he’s thrown the Anglos under the bus too.

Isn’t it sad that the outlandish statements by Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois are accepted with a sense of normalcy? Whether it’s about all religious symbols being banished from the civil service, other than the crucifix, or constant Anglo bashing, Marois is stirring up a sentiment among many English-speaking Quebecers not seen since the 1976 landmark election of the separatist forces.

Once again we are hearing comments like, “I’m out of here if the PQ comes to power.” Something is different this time around that we haven’t experienced in many, many years.

Maybe Josh Freed hit the nail on the head when he penned last Saturday’s column entitled, The Perils of Pauline – She can count moi out. This time, there is no pretense for the PQ to speak on behalf of all Quebecers nor to represent them all. Pauline’s “nous” means only those Quebecers who follow her independence project.

Marois hopes to call a referendum ASAP and separate Quebec from Canada. She plans to restrict Francophone students from choosing to attend English CEGEPs. She has decided it will be forbidden. She would restrict all religious symbols, other than the crucifix, from public display in the civil service. She would demand French tests for anyone wanting to run for public office!

This is indeed a scary time as Blogger Darryl Levine points out that the PQ has taken it too far, yet again. With the PQ, the government decides for you!

And now Jean Charest has taken up the Bloc Quebecois and NDP position to extend Bill 101 to federal institutions in Quebec? This is a desperate act that even goes further than Legault’s CAQ! How unbelievable that Charest, in panic mode, would come up with such a position. How will competent and vote-worthy candidates like Lawrence Bergman and the other MNAs with significant English-speaking constituents explain their way out of this one?

Who do you vote for when none of the parties come close to representing your values and beliefs? What do you do when you’re being taken for granted, or worse, totally ignored?

Please wake me and tell me I’m having a bad dream.

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