Station 9 Police Watch

Isaac Olson, The Free Press

October 23, 2012

Station 9’s Constable Vincent DeAngelis commended a young Côte St. Luc resident’s courage and ability to stay calm and within the confines of the law during a violent, seemingly unprovoked road-rage assault.

On October 5, just after 4:30 pm, the 20-year-old victim was driving on Mackle Rd. near the somewhat confusing Stephen Leacock Ave. intersection, said DeAngelis. The area, under heavy construction, has been difficult to navigate in recent weeks and the driver was taking longer than usual at a stop sign as he sorted out which way he was supposed to go. A 22-year-old motorist behind him, however, did not appreciate the delay and started honking. The victim says he indicated, with a hand gesture, that he needed one minute to sort out which direction to go, said DeAngelis. In response, the suspect exited his vehicle and approached the victim. The victim rolled down his window to talk to the other driver, but the suspect unloaded a can of pepper spray into the young man’s face. The suspect then hopped back into his car and took off, said DeAngelis, but the victim was able to regain his composure and follow the suspect to Cavendish Blvd. to record his license plate.

In the mean time, however, the suspect noticed he was being tailed, spotted some friends nearby, demanded their help and, together, they crowded around the victim’s car at a stoplight and started pounding on the vehicle. The pepper-spraying suspect went as far as to smash the rear window.

After the suspects fled, a witness approached the victim, handed him his business card and said, “I’m a lawyer. I saw everything. Let me know if you need any help with pressing charges.”

With the license plate and witness reports, it didn’t take long for police to track down and arrest the suspect at his home in CSL. The suspect’s vehicle was searched and the pepper-spray can was found in the car. The suspect has not said a word, said DeAngelis and because the case is still being investigated, the police cannot release his name.

So far, the suspect faces several charges such as mischief and armed aggression that could, if convicted, lead to a prison sentence.