Letter: Lisée’s comments on Bill 14 fail to comfort


Re: “Quebec municipalities would not lose bilingual status automatically” (Gazette online, Dec. 10)

Thanks, Jean-François Lisée, for trying to reassure me and the rest of the anglo population that the English-language is well protected by Bill 14 and the OQLF language police, but I’d still like to see this draft bill flushed away.

As Côte Saint-Luc Mayor Anthony Housefather pointed out in his opinion piece published in The Gazette last week, the government takes a very narrow perspective on language by using “mother-tongue” rather than language used in the home or preferred language.

What’s the real reason for making political decisions based upon the language of one’s mother (and father) that often doesn’t reflect the reality of the language spoken in one’s home today?

Most English-speaking Quebecers would hardly trust the OQLF to decide at what critical mass a municipality or institution would lose its bilingual status. Leave that decision to those affected. The current law leaves the bilingual status with the city council, just as it should. A few bilingual towns communicating effectively with its constituents will have no important bearing on preserving the French language.

Enough with sugar coating the bitter pill of narrow-minded and mean-spirited policy.

Glenn J. Nashen


Côte Saint-Luc




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