Fire broke out just before sunrise on Tuesday morning in a top floor apartment on Sir Walter Scott Avenue.  Cote Saint-Luc Director of Public Safety Jordy Reichson indicated that the call came in around 5:35AM and when the Montreal Fire Department arrived, smoke and flames were already visible from outside. They immediately called a first alarm with probability of spreading and at 5:55AM raised the alert to a second alarm.

Fire guts apartment in Cote Saint-Luc forcing tenants out into the cold

The blaze started in a fourth floor apartment due to an oil fire on the stove top. It caused extensive damage to the apartment, as well as three other units on the floor and the units directly below.

All residents were cared for by the Red Cross, which is standard Fire Department policy for displaced persons.  The Red Cross officials helped residents with arrangements to stay with family or friends. The residents of the fire apartment were transported to hospital with smoke inhalation and minor injuries.

The fire started on the stove and quickly engulfed the entire apartment

The Montreal Fire Department intervention prevention teams, CSL Public Safety and CSL Urban Planning were on scene to work with the building owner on any required follow-up, including barricading broken windows and the roof (which was cut open for ventilation) and other matters. CSL Public Works was informed to clear the catch basins in the area to allow for drainage of water.

According to CTV News, one person tried to put out the flames but was unsuccessful. He ended up cutting himself. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire within an hour, and were also able to contain the fire within the kitchen. Other residents of the building should be able to return home without any difficulty.

Three people, who are all believed to live in the apartment where the fire began, were all taken to hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.

CTV also reported that the apartment where the fire broke out had a heat detector, but was not equipped with a smoke detector