Free Press, December 19, 2012 - Click to enlarge

Free Press, December 19, 2012 – Click to enlarge

Congratulations to PDQ 9 Police Commander Sylvain Bissonnette on his receiving the Queen’s Jubilee Medal in recognition for his outstanding service to the community.

Bissonnette is no stranger to Cote Saint-Luc.  Since assuming the role as top cop in Cote Saint-Luc, Hampstead and Montreal West Bissonnette has immersed himself in community life.  He has taken a personal interest in improving relations between local police and the community, he has gotten to understand the sizable Jewish community and has succeeded in taking action to ensure that police services could be provided in English as well as in French for West End residents.

Commander Bissonnette is a regular attendee of all public council meetings to be able to understand the concerns of the public as well as elected officials.  He also participates at all CSL Public Safety Committee meetings that I have chaired over the years.  He actively participates in the Transportation committee, which I also chair, in order to offer his expert advice regarding traffic calming, enforcement and collaborating with CSL Public Security and volunteer Citizens on Patrol.

Bissonnette and his right hand man Lt. JP Theoret have been staunch supporters of vCOP since its inception and have participated in training the volunteers and in recognizing their efforts.  The commander also initiated the annual PDQ9 award to an outstanding member of vCOP.

Felicitation monsieur le commandant. Vous êtes un pilier de la communauté et je parle au nom de mes électeurs de vous remercier pour tout votre travail remarquable. Nous sommes une ville plus sûre en grande partie grâce à votre intérêt et engagement à servir et protéger. Puissiez-vous continuer d’aller de succès en succès.