I have received many emails from residents of Cote Saint-Luc. Most are quite understanding that this extraordinary snowfall requires a major effort for plowing, and snow blowing.

In Côte Saint-Luc main streets are cleared by a contractor and most of the side streets are cleared by city workers. Both have been out working relentlessly at clearing snow but because of the amount of accumulation – 47 centimeters in CSL – they have been forced to pass several times on the same block to ensure that the snow is cleared.

As well, city crews and contractors must follow the same provincial rules regarding the maximum number of hours that they can work per day and week.

Crews had a productive day today with snow removal even though the temperature has cooled slightly. It is expected that the weather will hold up in the next few days.

By the end of the day, crews will have cleared at least one side on almost every residential street in the City (95%). Main streets are scheduled to be completed and dead-ends, parking lots and public buildings rendered accessible.

CSL crews and foreman have been working full out over the last few days and major clearing will come to a pause over the New Year’s holiday for a necessary rest period. Clearing will resume on January 2.

Please remind your gardeners that they must not block sidewalks that have been plowed, and are supposed to push the snow back up onto your lawn. Crews are doing their utmost to clear up sidewalks so the pedestrians do not have to walk in the street.

Safety is a prime concern. Priority is given to the evacuation lanes, hospitals, schools, municipal buildings… This storm was overwhelming but our city is doing its best. Luckily we haven’t seen this sort of thing since 1971.

Incidentally, I remember that storm well as my brothers and I toboganned off our roof on Cork Ave. As kids, we were thrilled not to see a plow for days. The kids ruled the road!

So I have suggested to my constituents to try to make the best of things for a couple of days and enjoy the weather… and maybe to see the outside through their kids’ eyes for just a little while.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year, Bonne Annee to our snow clearing crews and to all of you! Wishing you good health and happiness in 2013.