MONTREAL – A career criminal who recently admitted to firing shots in the direction of the CEO of a telecommunications company in Côte-St-Luc was returned to a federal penitentiary so quickly the Parole Board of Canada didn’t have time to officially revoke his previous release.


The parole board recently released a decision in which it informed Mike Hatzidoyiannakis, 48, the statutory release he qualified for in June was officially being revoked. Within the same decision, the board acknowledged the revocation was a mere formality seeing as how, in November, Hatzidoyiannakis had already received a new 5-year prison term to go with a still current 7-year sentence that would have expired in October 2014.


The statutory release was suspended following his arrest in a Sept. 20 shooting on Borden Ave., a normally tranquil part of Côte-St-Luc. According to evidence heard in court, as the CEO arrived home, just before 7 p.m., and was about to open the front door when Hatzidoyiannakis pulled up in a Black Honda Civic and said “you think you can do it?” before firing three shots from what turned out to be a fake firearm. The executive noticed the stranger on his front lawn was struggling with the firearm because it had jammed. The victim picked up a brick and chased after Hatzidoyiannakis who jumped into the Civic and fled.


When the victim called police, a patrol car noticed Hatzidoyiannakis’s car nearby and gave chase. Two parked cars were damaged in the pursuit, but Hatzidoyiannakis managed to pull into the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant, near the corner of Paré St. and Décarie Blvd., and went inside. The Montreal police located the Civic and began to question people inside the eatery, including Hatzidoyiannakis, who bolted when the officer questioning him suddenly came to the realization he matched a description of the shooter.


He managed to avoid arrest for about four hours, until he showed up at his apartment in Laval in a taxi while police were waiting outside. During his brief period on the lam Hatzidoyiannakis called the police to report his car had been stolen.


However, while being interrogated, he confessed to the crime and said he “only wanted to scare” the CEO on behalf of a friend he claimed had been wronged in a financial matter.


On Nov. 16, Hatzidoyiannakis pleaded guilty, at the Montreal courthouse, to using a firearm in the commission of an offence, possession of a weapon for criminal purposes, and assault with a weapon. An attempted murder charge was dropped and he was sentenced to the 5-year prison term, which will be combined with the 7-year sentence he was already serving for a series of robberies he carried out, in financial institutions and businesses, in 2005 and 2006. Previous to that, he had served a 16-year prison term for a series of crimes including several while he was out on some form of release. Most of his criminality has been attributed to drug abuse.


He was denied parole in October 2011 after the parole board determined that his “credibility was questionable and your risk would not have been acceptable.” Statistical information placed Hatzidoyiannakis in a category where “one out of three offenders with comparable characteristics to (his) will not reoffend.” Or, in other words, he fit in a category were two-thirds of offenders reoffend before their sentence expires.


By June 2012, Hatzidoyiannakis reached his statutory release date, the two-thirds mark of his sentence, where almost all federal inmates qualify for a release if they were previously denied parole. The board was limited to imposing a series of conditions on the release. He agreed to follow a methadone program and briefly kept his medical appointments at a detox centre. By July he appeared to be following his conditions to the letter and began a program intended to help him develop his skills.


But two months later, in September, everything changed. He was alleged to have shown up for a Cocaine Anonymous meeting “intoxicated and with a criminal.” As the information was about to be relayed to a parole officer Hatzidoyiannakis was arrested as a suspect in the shooting in Côte-St-Luc.