“…Learn[ing] from past mistakes by designing new communities and redesigning existing communities with walkability in mind. The emphasis [is] on more and greater connectivity of bike paths on the island of Montreal…”

This excellent article in the Montreal Gazette emphasizes the importance of redesigning communities to be walkable, bikable and fun to play in.  Research shows that those living in close proximity to opportunities to be more active will indeed do so resulting in better health.

I firmly believe that we must continue to make our streets more cycle friendly, hence I proposed the current CSL Cycles program which is steadily unfolding across Cote Saint-Luc with support from Mayor Housefather and members of Council.

I am also committed to slowing down traffic, calming our streets and making them safer for pedestrians and cyclists.  In Cote Saint-Luc we do not discourage street hockey, we want kids to continue to play outside but to do so safely, under the watchful eye of adults.

Getting across the street needs to be easier and safer for all pedestrians young and old.  I have pushed for bumped out sidewalks at street corners when roads are bring rebuilt, resulting in a shorter distance to cross the road, slower traffic and ultimately safer passage.  I’m pleased Council has agreed to support this suggestion.

While not a huge fan of speed humps, sometimes they are necessary but moreover bollards, street line markings and raised crosswalks are having an overall positive effect in Cote Saint-Luc and I’m proud to have pushed for all of these initiatives in our city.

What do you envision as being leading edge in terms of city design promoting health?  Post your comment here.