Yanking pasta from an Italian menu is simply stupido.  Banning safety signs from English schools is pure idiocy.

The OQLF decided this safety sign must come down as it doesn't conform to Quebec's repressive language laws

The OQLF decided this safety sign must come down as it doesn’t conform to Quebec’s repressive language laws

The Language Police over at the Office québecois de la langue francaise has once again gone overboard in the never-ending game of  pitting anonymous French language zealots against basic common sense.

It’s painful to see our tax dollars squandered on inspectors, hired by the province who spend their days travelling to restaurants, probably eating on our dime too, just to slam the small business owner with a fine.

Within a day of cooking up bad publicity for Quebec, from coast to coast, the OQLF retreated, yet again.  What a relief to know that in Quebec “pasta” is considered a “foreign specialty” and therefore is granted a rare exemption under the law.  Keep it up Quebec, and soon business of any sort will be a foreign specialty as we drive small business owners out of business.

Then there’s the safety sign flap.  Heaven forbid that English-speaking folks should benefit from a sign promoting safety in their kid’s school yard. Evidently this safety campaign also threatens the French language of Quebec and the French-only City of Montreal and its police force have surrendered to the language cops and pulled down these offensive signs.

Seems that Bill 101 bureaucrats generously allow for safety signs but once they’re actually printed and posted, all at our expense, the OQLF classified them as prevention, rather than safety, and ordered them all removed, all at our expense.

We spend tens of millions of dollars for the OQLF and its army of inspectors, ready with tape measures in hand to calculate the size of the fine for each nonsensical case their anonymous complainants drum up to keep them in business.  When will Quebecers realize that our roads and bridges are crumbling, schools are outdated, teachers are poorly paid, there aren’t enough nurses to work in our underfunded hospitals and that there’s such little growth in our economy that a huge chunk of us are not even paying income tax to cover the expenses of the OQLF to begin with?

What a pile of messy pasta we’ve stepped in!