CSL EMS crews save two lives in January

Joel Goldenberg, The Suburban. February 20th, 2013

Members of Côte St. Luc’s volunteer Emergency Medical Services crew helped save the lives of two people who had gone into cardiac arrest this past January.

According to a city statement, the first incident took place Jan. 17, when the crew encountered a woman in her 30s who had gone into convulsions and was in cardiac arrest. According to a description of what happened next, the crew “delivered one electrical shock with their defibrillator and administered CPR before Urgences Santé arrived on scene. The Urgences Santé crew delivered more shocks while en route to hospital. The patient was conscious in hospital and it is believed the patient will suffer no long term effects from the incident. She was released from the hospital and is recovering at home.”


The second incident took place Jan. 23, when a man in his 70s “collapsed outside a food shop on Westminster. The primary Côte St. Luc EMS crew was busy on a pediatric trauma call, so another first responder was dispatched. When he arrived, the patient had no pulse. He delivered one electrical shock with a defibrillator and Urgences Santé arrived shortly thereafter. The patient regained a pulse and was breathing on his own. He was transported to hospital and has since been released to convalesce at home,” says a description of what transpired.

Councillor Glenn Nashen, in charge of the public safety portfolio on council, said the success of the crews in these two instances demonstrated “the skills and professionalism of the volunteer service” and thanked the more than 95-person crew in general for providing “exceptional services,” to both Côte St. Luc residents and visitors in the more than 3,000 calls they respond to each year.

“Their quick action and sharp skills mean the difference between life and death,” Nashen said.