Hampstead’s maze of nonsensical traffic signs continue to frustrate many West End motorists, particularly Cote Saint-Lucers.

Today, for at least the third time in a month, the Montreal police traffic squad is handing out tickets to those who do not calculate the permissible turning times off of Fleet.

Motorists know just how confusing the contradictory signs placed by the Town of Hampstead can be.  Some intersections allow turning at various intervals (green circle signs) while others prohibit turning during other intervals (red circle signs).  The text size is also very small and text heavy.

Police officers hide their cars so that they cannot be seen when turning off of Fleet.  Some officers have been from the traffic division (cars bearing the number 60) while most have been from Station 9.

Hampstead residents have been on the hook too as some have been nabbed at Belsize and Netherwood where the sign forces motorists to turn toward Fleet rather than continuing straight, through Hamsptead’s side streets.

Hampstead forces motorists off it's side streets and back to Fleet (Belsize corner of Netherwood)

Hampstead forces motorists off its side streets and back to Fleet (Belsize corner of Netherwood)

As written previously on this blog this is nothing more than a frustrating game of entrapment by Hampstead with compliance by the Montreal Police.  I personally would fight such a ticket in court in hopes of having a judge quash the nonsensical maze of confusing signs which constitute a traffic hazard.

Use of a phone while driving is a no no.  How about use of a calculator while driving?

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