Several petitions are circulating online calling upon Members of the National Assembly to vote down the evil and repressive language legislation proposed under Bill 14.

One petition calls upon Francois Legault and the members of the Coalition Avenir Quebec to vote down the bill in its entity.  Click here. This one has a little over 1000 signatures with a goal of 10,000.

Another petition is entitled “Rejection of the proposed amendments to the Charter of the French language (Bill 14).”  This one is found directly on the Quebec National Assembly website. This petition has been signed by more than 32,000 people and is online until May 14, 2013,

Why not sign both?  The bill is mean and would slash fundamental rights of Quebecers.  It would punish English-speaking Quebecers yet again.  It restricts the educational freedom of our remarkable military personnel.  It strips powers from our cities and towns and threatens those with bilingual status.  There’s much more and it’s all bad and none of it will help improve the situation of the French language.

Sign a petition.  Call your MNA. Write a letter to the editor.  Get involved.