Cote Saint-Luc Dawn Mirsky was so pleased with her chance encounter with the city’s Public Security department last week that she felt compelled to send the following email (reprinted with permission) to her councillor, Mike Cohen:

Yesterday morning, as I was walking Artie (that’s my dog), a CSL Public Security van pulled up next us. He rolled down his window, we exchanged pleasantries (“Good morning, how are you doing?” etc…) and then he asked, nice as can be, “Is your dog registered with the city?” He was preaching to the choir here, Mike. Haha! I said, “Of course he is!

And you know the whole poop issue, the agent asked? I’m the one who spoke with Mike and…” He laughed and laughed and told me, “We’re on it! We’re completely on it!” Such a nice, nice, NICE guy.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that your guys are great. Not just because of this — is this a small issue (except to me) — but because they obviously take their jobs seriously and do it well.

It so happens that Dawn spoke with Councillor Cohen a few days earlier commenting on the amount of doggy doo left behind (ie. not scooped).  This is a significant complaint received by the city each year.

All dog licenses expired on April 30 and must be renewed. Please remember to renew your dog license at City Hall.

City bylaws require that all dogs must be on leash, are not allowed in parks and city land owners must pick-up after their dogs. Only licensed dogs are permitted in the Dog Park.

So thanks to Dawn and to those residents (and of course their obedient dogs) who follow the rules to make Cote Saint-Luc a cleaner and safer community. And to those of you who allow your pet to run around off leash and who don’t pick up after them, please save yourselves the aggravation of your neighbours and an unwanted ticket.  The regulations apply to all pets (and their owners) and can be consulted on the city’s website.

And congratulations to the mystery Public Security agent who received the admiration of an appreciative resident (and her dog!)..