CBC News: May 22, 2013

Today’s widespread boil water advisory has had many Montrealers scrambling, including employees and administrators at schools and hospitals around the city.

The Jewish General Hospital’s communications director Glenn Nashen said the hospital has enough water to last at least a couple of days.

“We do have an emergency supply of drinking water on hand at any given time and we immediately put in orders for additional emergency supply,” Nashen said.

All McGill University Health Centre hospitals are distributing bottled water to patients, and have put certain procedures on hold.

Richard Fahey, the MUHC’s director of public affairs, said all non-emergency dental operations were cancelled when they received the city’s communiqué around 11 a.m. this morning.

He also said the Lachine Hospital was not affected by the advisory.

Over at the English Montreal School Board’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School in Rosemont, school principal Michelle Stein first heard of the boil water advisory from a concerned parent.

Then, she said, she got a ding on her computer alerting her to a new email from the city issuing the advisory .

“I thought, ‘Oh dear, I have 323 children at the school I have to provide for,’” Stein said.

She immediately ordered that the water supply to the school’s fountains shut down, and then sent staff members to “raid” a local depanneur for water.

She’s asking parents to send their kids to school tomorrow with a day’s worth of water.