An excellent letter that appeared in the Gazette by Cote Saint-Luc Senior Men’s Club President Sidney Margles:

The Gazette. June 10, 2013

Re: “PQ minister firm on election date” (Gazette, June 8)

There is nothing wrong with a fixed Quebec election date, but when it infringes on a particular segment of society, the law must have flexibility. Other jurisdictions have taken this into account.

It is true that Jews can vote in advance polls if the election were to take place on Rosh Hashanah, one of the holiest Jewish holidays.

However Jews who work in election campaigns, either for candidates or for the Directeur Général des Elections, would automatically have to decline to participate, as it would be a violation of their faith.

Also to be considered are Jewish candidates who would be unable to fully participate in election day activities.

Jewish citizens have been full participants in the democratic process, dating back several hundred years in Quebec. Why change now?

While Minister Drainville may not see his position as being out of place, he should look at himself in the mirror and ask himself why rigidity rather than flexibility and common sense must prevail.

Sidney Margles

Côte Saint-Luc

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