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English: University of Utah AirMed medical evacuation helicopter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Terrific news for the safety of all Quebecers – well at least those that can afford it, privately.


AirMedic will begin offering medical evacuation by Air Ambulance helicopters in all regions of Quebec by the end of June, according to its president, Christian Trudeau.


AirMedic will operate out of four bases in Quebec and have a plane and “several helicopters.”


“What we offer is comprehensive coverage throughout the province. If you are injured, you call us and we will pick you up,” said Trudeau.


Areas inaccessible or difficult to access by land or sea, as the mining camps that spring forth with various projects related to Northern Plan, the company very interested.


The company plans to offer medevac two types of subscriptions. The first, for individuals, would be around $ 120 per year for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts for example. To obtain service, however should a GPS phone outside cellular coverage areas.


The second type of subscription, “corporate”, propose to outfitters or administrators controlled zones to register for their members. The mining would also be very interested, according to Mr. Trudeau. “We have vendors that deal specifically with that,” he said.


“We propose to mine site employees of 500 or 600 packages per person. That’s how we approach them, “he added saying that the field of medical evacuation is” really in development “with the construction of new roads in remote areas.


This is the businessman Stephan Huot, well known in the Quebec region and chairman of the holding company Capital HELiPRO, AirMedic shareholder, who is behind the project.


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