Hampstead Town Councillor Abe Gonshor

Hampstead Town Councillor Abe Gonshor

After nearly 20 years of service on Town Council in Hampstead, Abe Gonshor has decided not to seek reelection this November, Mayor Bill Steinberg announced on his Facebook page, this afternoon.

Abe has been an outspoken member of council, always saying what was on his mind, always in service to the residents of his town. He was instrumental in the demerger of Hampstead in 2004.  Abe has always been a good friend to Cote Saint-Luc as well.

He is a real Mentsch extraordinaire. He looks for the good in each person. He’s a first class kibbitzer, loves to chat up friends and strangers. And his heart for the community is as big as can be.  Abe is a promoter, a fundraiser, a community builder. He is truly one of a kind.

I take this opportunity to congratulate Abe for all of his tremendous work over the years and for his friendship and camaraderie. All the best to you at this next stage in life Abe!