I have been concerned about railway transportation safety and the larger issue of emergency preparedness well before getting involved in municipal politics.  In fact, it’s one of the issues that propelled me into my involvement in City Hall in the first place.

The disaster of the last few days in Lac Megantic has made me, and many urban dwellers in Cote Saint-Luc and elsewhere, think deeper about what’s travelling through our backyards on the rails. Issues like these have been hot buttons in the argument to ensure that Meadowbrook stays green, as opposed to building more homes up against the railroad. These are issues I think about routinely, in terms of emergency preparedness, evacuation, emergency shelter, EMS, communications and so on.

This video news documentary was produced by Ely Bonder for CTV News Montreal in November 1989, 12 months before I was elected as city councillor. 24 years later the same questions and concerns are being voiced across Quebec, across the country.