Fire broke out in a home on Holland Road at the corner of Redwood Avenue on an otherwise quiet Friday night in Cote Saint-Luc just after 8:00 p.m. Flames shot high in the air and smoke billowed across parts of southern Cote Saint-Luc toward NDG.

Flames light up Holland Road as firefighters arrive

Flames light up Holland Road as firefighters arrive (Photo: Bernie Band)

Firefighters arrived from across the West End and side streets quickly filled up with other emergency crews from Urgences Santé, Gaz Met, the Montreal Fire Department Auxiliary Brigade, Police, Red Cross aid to disaster victims and Cote Saint-Luc Public Security, EMS and vCOP.

Residents and onlookers were ushered behind police lines at a safe distance as thick smoke blanketed the immediate vicinity.

One firefighter was injured and transported to hospital.

Photo: Bernie Band

Photo: Bernie Band


Auxiliary Fire Officer Mark Bindman, a Cote Saint-Luc resident and member of the municipal emergency preparedness committee was at his Friday night training session at Auxiliary Headquarters on Rachel Street. Bindman and his fellow “Buffalos” sprang into service and were rapidly on scene to support more than two dozen firefighters with cold beverages and refreshments.

Montreal Auxiliary Fire Services (The Buffalos)

Montreal Auxiliary Fire Services – The Buffalos (Photo: City of Montreal)

Cote Saint-Luc’s volunteer Citizens on Patrol was called in to provided perimeter control for the safety of residents and emergency crews. I joined vCOP on scene until we wrapped up as most fire crews departed shortly after midnight.

Public Safety Director Jordy Reichson was in charge of local resources as he took up position at the Fire Department command post.

Fortunately, there were no other injuries.

Fire department officials told media they believe the fire was set off by a candle in the bedroom.

Firefighters battle the blaze from the roof on Holland Road (Photo: Alice Pinchuk via CJAD)

Firefighters battle the blaze from the roof on Holland Road (Photo: Alice Pinchuk via CJAD)

“I was called to attention by fire trucks, looked out my window, went out on my balcony. I’m on the 15th floor of an apartment building and I saw flames shooting out, I think, at a minimum, 10, 15 fire trucks, ambulances, all careened down that area”, Francis Doft told CJAD News.

Many thanks to the many emergency crews that responded quickly to suppress the fire and ensure maximum safety to the neighbours. Our wishes for a speedy recovery go out to the injured firefighter. Thank you especially to our Cote Saint-Luc volunteers at EMS (Jacques, Carmel and Caitlin) and vCOP (Lewis, Peter and Helen) for stepping in to serve our residents.

Were you there? Please comment on what you saw.

Photo: Bernie Band

Photo: Bernie Band