Rabbi Reuben Poupko and Moshe Ben shach present a plaque to Commander Sylvain Bissonnette

Rabbi Reuben Poupko and Moshe Ben Shach present a plaque to Commander Sylvain Bissonnette

Federation CJA held a small reception on Tuesday evening in honour of Police Station 9 outgoing commander, Sylvain Bissonnette.

Montreal Jewish Community Security Coordinating Group chairman Rabbi Reuben Poupko was joined by Federation CJA Operations Chief Moshe Ben Shach and Community Security Director Adam Cohen along with local police commanders and community members involved in security.

Poupko and Ben Shach noted that Bissonnette was an exceptional police representative who made enormous efforts in getting to know the Jewish community well. They credited him with providing excellent police services particularly during tense times in the Middle East and when an outbreak of stone throwing had been perpetrated against Jewish institutions here in the West End of Montreal.

In his remarks, Bissonnette said that when he took on the role of commanding the police force in Cote Saint-Luc, Hampstead and Montreal West he wanted to understand more than the residents.  He wanted to understand their parents, grandparents, their culture and their history. Bissonnette himself is a historian and his academic training served him well in his role as commanding officer in a territory that is rich in Jewish and multicultural communities.  The three cities are officially bilingual, with a strong sense of attachment and involvement, he noted.

This marks Commander Bissonnette’s last week in charge of PDQ9 before heading over to take up command in Lachine.

In the words of the commander, we don’t say good-bye to our friends, we just see them less often.

Bon voyage et bonne chance monsieur le commandant.