You gotta laugh. Otherwise you might cry.

The proposed Charter of Quebec Values is so outlandish, so mean, so unconscionable that it’s easy to make a total mockery of this PQ piece of, errr, work.

Josh Feed does a  great job of just that. For Cote Saint-Luc he suggests, in the spirit of religious neutrality, we might drop the Saint and just go with Cote Luc!

One thing you can count on is this city councillor, along with Mayor Anthony Housefather, to speak out loud and clear against this horrific proposal that deserves to be flushed away together with Bill 14, the other PQ draft legislation to further restrict our language rights.

Cote Saint-Lucers are not known to be quiet and obedient when our rights are threatened.  We will not be quiet now.

Josh Freed: No saints allowed; time to rename our streets.