The municipal election campaign has begun in Cote Saint-Luc’s District 6. Today Councillor Glenn J. Nashen has officially launched his re-election bid and has filed his candidacy papers with the vice-president of elections. To support his candidacy, Nashen has amassed 130 signatures of residents on his nomination papers.

Nashen will be seeking re-election in the district he grew up in and has represented since 1990.

Mayor Anthony Housefather has announced support for Nashen along with his incumbent colleagues.

“Glenn J. Nashen continues to be a great advocate for public safety, always looking for new ways to make Cote Saint-Luc an even safer place in which to live. Glenn was a volunteer with our Emergency Medical Services organization for many years,” Mayor Housefather said.

Councillor Glenn J. Nashen on duty with vCOP

Councillor Glenn J. Nashen on duty with vCOP

“He continues to oversee that dossier, in addition to our Public Security, Emergency Preparedness and the volunteer Citizens on Patrol – an extraordinary service which he created. Glenn is constantly in touch with our local Police and Fire Departments, ensuring that matters of public safety are in good hands,” added the mayor.

“This has been an excellent council and a superb mandate during these last four years. Our group of eight has in fact been together since we demerged from Montreal. We have been an effective and business oriented team overseeing the city,” Mayor Housefather said.

Nashen led the demerger forces along with Housefather, Ruth Kovac and Mitchell Brownstein returning the area to its historic city status.

“I have always believed in empowering each member of council and I am very pleased with the success that has come with my decision to assign portfolios. We have accomplished everything that was promised and more. I would be proud to serve with each one of these dedicated civic leaders for the next four years,” Housefather added.

The Nashens begin the door to door campaign in front of Glenn's first home on Cork Ave in late August

The Nashens begin the door to door campaign in front of Glenn’s first home on Cork Ave in late August

Nashen began his door to door campaign in August with a goal of knocking on every single door in District 6. “I may not find everyone at home when I come knocking, but anyone can reach me at anytime,” Nashen said.

Nashen is one of the most accessible councillors with a substantial presence on social media. His blog, Nashen Notes, has nearly 2000 posts about the city with archival news clips and photos dating back several decades. He is also active on Twitter and Facebook, posting breaking news items and local news not found in any newspaper.

Élections municipales du 3 novembre 2013 – C’est aujourd’hui le début de la période électorale municipale au Québec

C’est aujourd’hui que débute la période électorale précédant les élections générales municipales du 3 novembre prochain. Il s’agit d’une étape particulièrement importante dans les 1 103 municipalités du Québec.

Pour avoir la qualité d’électeur, vous devez :


avoir 18 ans ou plus le jour du scrutin, soit le 3 novembre 2013


le 1er septembre 2013

être de citoyenneté canadienne;

ne pas être soumis au régime de la curatelle;

ne pas être déclaré coupable d’une infraction qui constitue une manœuvre électorale frauduleuse;

Et à cette même date (1er septembre), remplir l’une des deux conditions suivantes :

être domicilié dans la municipalité et, depuis au moins six mois, au Québec; ou

être le propriétaire d’un immeuble ou l’occupant d’un établissement d’entreprise situé sur le territoire de la municipalité, depuis au moins 12 mois.

L’électeur non domicilié dans la municipalité mais propriétaire d’un immeuble ou occupant d’un établissement d’entreprise situé sur le territoire de la municipalité doit transmettre un écrit signé à la municipalité demandant d’ajouter son nom sur la liste électorale.


Les personnes copropriétaires d’un immeuble ou cooccupantes d’un établissement d’entreprise doivent désigner parmi elles, au moyen d’une procuration transmise à la municipalité, une seule personne qui peut être inscrite sur la liste électorale.