Wallenberg Academy to open in 2014 in the former Wagar High School

Wallenberg Academy to open in 2014 in the former Wagar High School

Wagar High School closed in 2005, leaving a gap for a mainstream public high school. The English Montreal School Board announced this year that Wallenberg Academy will open in fall 2014 for students entering Grade 7.

A Grade 8 class may also start at the same time depending on demand.

The EMSB recently held an information evening to a packed house at the ACC. Hundreds of parents expressed interest.

District 6 families will finally have a new high school within easy walking distance. The school intends to have language and cultural enrichment as well as a Sports Etude program.

The EMSB will hold an open house  on Tuesday, September 24 beginning at 7 p.m. sharp for the proposed new high school at 5785 Parkhaven Avenue.

The intent is to start with  Secondary I students,  and possibly Secondary II as well. In addition to a challenging  curriculum, the school will also offer sports concentration (swimming, soccer, tennis, supplemental physical education) and enriched  programming such as heritage language studies, music, drama and robotics.

This open house will begin with presentations from EMSB officials in the school auditorium,  followed by breakout sessions for  sports and   enriched  academics and a tour of the facilities. Plans call for the application process to begin during the month of October.  Each prospective student will have to write a placement test and an essay. They will be informed in November about the placement committee’s decision.

In order to participate  in sports concentration, students will have to show a proficiency in one of the selected programs. Parents will also be responsible for developing a liaison with a corresponding athletic clubs/coaches/associations for the instruction aspect of the program between the hours of 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Those not in sports, will participate in one of the enriched programs during the same time period.

The new school will cohabitate with existing programs in the facility.   Wallenberg Academy has the full cooperation of the City of Cote Saint-Luc and Mayor Anthony Housefather, who sits on the task force.    For more information call 514-483-7200 ext. 7429, email Wallenberg@emsb.qc.ca or log on to www.wallenbergacademy.com.

To find out more visit: http://www.WallenbergAcademy.com