Nearly 400 members and guests of the Cote Saint-Luc Senior Men’s Club packed the house at their annual 26th annual gala celebration this afternoon. This year’s honouree was Seymour Kleinberg who was feted as the “Man of the Year”.

The club has grown to 480 members under the leadership of President Sidney Margles who welcomed the crowd and challenged them to organize even more events and activities and recruit even more members. “It is up to each and every member, and perhaps even their spouses… to please step forward and grow even more.”

Mayor Anthony Housefather told the crowd how pleased he was to be returned to office for another mandate and that his council would work hard to oppose the so-called Charter of Quebec Values and protect the rights of all minorities.

MNA Lawrence Bergman and MP Irwin Cotler both praised Housefather’s stellar reputation for strong leadership, honesty and integrity.

Bergman, who was recently reconfirmed as the D’Arcy McGee Liberal Party candidate in the next provincial election said he and his party will fight against any erosion of fundamental rights.

Seymour Kleinberg was welcomed to the podium with a standing ovation. In fact, Kleinberg had previously won the “Man of the Year” award some 27 years earlier.

Congratulations to Seymour, to Sidney and to all those involved in the Men’s Club for their incredible efforts to keep our senior residents young, vibrant and active.