This is a post I wrote two years ago during the Fall Back Time Change.  It’s still apropos today.


I don’t know about you, but I have had it with falling back and springing forward.  I find it depressing to see that sun setting in the mid-afternoon and driving home from work in pitch black.  I can easily sacrifice the pleasure of a bright and sunny early morning wake up.  Who needs light at 6am anyway?

My two-year old son didn’t catch the headlines last weekend that we turned our clocks back an hour.  So, he’s been waking us up an hour “early” at 5am since the dreaded change.  Somehow I got shortchanged.  We were supposed to gain an hour but my son took that away.  My eyes are heavy at the office and I can’t stop yawning!

This whole changing twice a year is too disruptive for farmers and chickens and my son and lots of others.  Maybe if our Prime Minister’s kids woke him up early too he’ll feel the same as I do and introduce legislation to quit playing with our clocks – just leave us on Daylight Savings Time all year-long.

If your eyes are watering at the office, if your dark ride home is one long yawn, and if you feel like getting into bed rather than sitting at the dinner table, then write to your MP and tell him or her it’s time to quit messing with time.

Here’s an interesting story from National Geographic: Daylight Saving Time 2011: Why and When Does It End?.

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Suburban Newspaper, Jan. 4, 2012