Suburban Newspaper, December 4, 2013

Councillor Glenn Nashen, in charge of Public Safety portfolio, said the early November windstorm “really put our Public Safety division to the test,” in terms of “the work that was done by our public security officers in terms of responding to down wires and downed trees, and Public Safety situations: emergency medical services crews that responded to back to back calls – one call came in for cardiac arrest in an elevator that was trapped between floors on MacDonald Avenue that turned out not to be a cardiac arrest.

“There were number of life-threatening and potentially life-threatening emergencies, and our volunteers did an absolutely tremendous job at responding. I dispatch center was completely flooded with phone calls by concerned citizens. And our volunteer Citizens on Patrol went out in full force – we did an emergency call out, and had four simultaneous crews working to help back up public security.

“As we head towards 2014, where the council has decided to prioritize emergency preparedness, and helping to educate the public, the windstorm was quite an unexpected but excellent test for our volunteers and professionals to be out there, protecting the public,” Nashen added.