In a unanimous resolution the City Council of Cote Saint-Luc tonight adopted a resolution, together with its suburban partners, calling for the Montreal Agglomeration to include $44 Million in its 2014 capital expenditure budget toward Phase 1 of the Cavendish-Royalmount-Cavendish link. The resolution falls in line with Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre’s election promises (and we thank Mayor Coderre immensely for this position) to see the completion of this much-needed link between Cote Saint-Luc, Montreal, TMR and St. Laurent.

The resolution calls for the “optimal scenario” also known as the Cote Saint-Luc scenario, being an indirect link between the two dead ends of Cavendish, meaning rather than a straight line the link would connect to the new Hippodrome development in the Snowdon district as well as to the TMR scientific park.

The extension project has never been closer to reality despite 50 years of discussions. The responsibility to finally get the shovel in the ground lies with the City of Montreal acting on behalf of the Montreal Island Agglomeration.

This is good news for local commuters who need more efficient access to the West Island, the airport and to points north and north-east.

Even motorists who use Fleet Road will benefit by reducing the daily gridlock through Hampstead, further complicated by that town’s confusing left turn restrictions off of Fleet Road.

With the demolition of the Turcot interchange scheduled in the coming years we can expect a decade of traffic congestion across the West End and southern portion of Montreal. Cote Saint-Lucers and neighbouring residents will greatly benefit by quickly connecting toward the north and west, to Autoroutes 15, 13 and 40 and to Decarie. The route should also open up faster routes to the Metro system.




WHEREAS the Cavendish Boulevard extension (the “Cavendish Extension”) is indicated within the 2008 Transport Plan of the City of Montreal (“MTL”);


WHEREAS the completion the Cavendish Extension is the responsibility of MTL (on behalf of the Montreal Island Agglomeration) (“Agglomeration”);


WHEREAS MTL conducted various studies (“the Studies”) regarding the Cavendish Extension between 2005 and 2007 which led to an optimal scenario (the “Scenario”);


WHEREAS the Scenario must currently be adjusted to reflect the new realities; in particular, the development of the Hippodrome site (the “Site”);


WHEREAS updating the Cavendish Extension must also consider collective and active transport in order to optimize the management of actual and future movement within this large sector;


WHEREAS the updating of the Cavendish Extension route must also consider the requirements associated within the presence of railway activities of CP and CN in particular, those with respect to security;


WHEREAS MTL, in respecting the requirements of the Deed of Cession (the “Deed”) concerning the Site, must proceed with an updating of the Studies analysing the new context of the Site as well as other projects that are earmarked for this sector (such as the Cité scientifique, the projet Triangle Namur/Jean-Talon and the reconfiguration of the Côte de Liesse access) and must also take into account the capacity of Decarie Boulevard (article 5.2.4. and article 6.2.4);


WHEREAS this requirement contained within the Deed necessitates revisiting the planning of the Cavendish Extension; a prerequisite that will permit the Cavendish Extension to be realized;


WHEREAS monies were earmarked in September of 2013 by the Montreal Agglomeration Council to update the Studies in view of allotting monies for the Cavendish Extension within the Agglomeration’s Capital Expenditure Budget (“CEP”);


WHEREAS an amount of forty-four million dollars ($44,000,000.00) must thus be allotted within the Agglomeration’s CEP pursuant to the requirements contained within the Deed by and between MTL and the Quebec Government (article 5.2.3);


It was







“THAT the Cavendish Extension be realized on the basis of an optimal scenario and to adjust said scenario to the new realities (described above-herein);


THAT the Cavendish Extension be further realized by having the concerned parties strongly collaborate to ensure its efficiency and success;



THAT the aforementioned forty-four million dollars ($44,000,000.00) mentioned above herein be inscribed within the 2014 Capital Expenditure Program for the Agglomeration of Montreal;


THAT a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Quebec Minister of Transport, Sylvain Gaudreault and be deposited at a Montreal Agglomeration Council Meeting.”