27 years ago Cote Saint-Luc tried to force foster homes to install sprinklers to protect its ageing and vulnerable residents. You’d think nothing could be easier than trying to protect seniors? Think again.

The bylaw was contested by foster home owners and the health and social service agency and brought to court. Surprisingly, the court ruled against the city.

Instead of strengthening safety bylaws to protect senior’s lives across Cote Saint-Luc, and ultimately throughout Quebec, we now see the horribly tragic consequences of these decisions.

Fire experts have said that sprinklers act as “24-hour firefighters” and that lives would be spared in the case of fires in seniors residences. How sad to watch the events of L’Ile Verte last week and to learn of the loss of 32 lives, a quarter century after we tried to bring in measures to prevent such tragedy.

The Quebec government must take swift action to make mandatory fire sprinklers in all such residences, including foster homes. I am proposing that Cote Saint-Luc council urge the provincial government to do so.

This CTV Pulse News report features then Mayor Bernard Lang and former CSL Fire Department inspector (prevention) Doug Lion.