Cote Saint-Luc City Council has signed on to Everbridge Mass Notification System that will enable the City to send notifications to individuals or groups using lists, locations, and visual intelligence. This comprehensive notification system keeps everyone informed before, during, and after events whether emergency or non-emergency.

How an organization responds to a critical situation can mean the difference between success and failure. Well thought-through emergency preparedness planning translates into the ability to communicate quickly and effectively.

Quick and reliable communication is critical to the operations of any municipality. whether related to criminal activities, severe weather or missing persons, the ability to quickly and reliably reach staff, emergency personnel, volunteers and citizens – over any voice or text device – and confirm receipt of notifications – can help protect life and property.

Situational intelligence provides critical insight into developing events and can be used by authorities to help prevent a crisis before it occurs or to manage the aftermath of an incident.

The Mass Notification System in Cote Saint-Luc is one of several Emergency Preparedness initiatives the City will undertake this year. The system will be tested in March and will be rolled out to residents in April.

Other Emergency Preparedness plans include a power generator for the Aquatic and Community Centre which will serve as a shelter for residents in case of disaster, emergency radio communications volunteers, training programs for City staff, educating residents in disaster readiness and establishment of a Community Emergency Response Team. The generator will cost approximately $650,000.