Glenn J. Nashen, Montreal Police Sargent Brian Cunningham, vCOP Senior Supervisor Lewis Cohen

Glenn J. Nashen, Montreal Police Sargent Brian Cunningham, vCOP Senior Supervisor Lewis Cohen

Neighbourhood Police Station 9 Commander Marc Cournoyer recently appointed Sergeant Brian Cunningham as liaison officer to the Cote Saint-Luc volunteer Citizens on Patrol group.

Cunningham began his police career as a patrol officer in Station 9 about 12 years ago, walking the beat, patrolling our streets and on bike patrol, moved through the system for the last 10 years and recently returned as a sergeant in Station 9.

He was invited to the vCOP group as a guest speaker at their February Patrol Meeting. Sergeant Cunningham explained the organizational structure of PDQ (Poste de Quartier) 9. “You can play an active role every day with Station 9 by patrolling, by being extra community support,” the sergeant said. “No wonder why it’s such a safe place over here.”

vCOP Supervisors Mitchell Herf, Susie Schwartz, Lewis Cohen

vCOP Supervisors Mitchell Herf, Susie Schwartz, Lewis Cohen

Cunningham talked about the daily operations of PDQ 9: From fall-in at the beginning of the shift to how assignments and shifts work, what situations or areas require special monitoring and how information is shared throughout the force and from officer to officer or even from the CSL Public Security Department and vCOP to the Police as well as in the other direction.

The volunteers learned about ‘targeted patrols’, such as shopping malls or specific institutions.

Sergeant Cunningham told the volunteer patrollers that armed robberies (defined as any robbery involving violence) and break and enters as well as assaults continue to decline substantially in this Police district, year after year. Even drug related crimes are at the lowest level in at least three years.


The PDQ 9 Bike Patrol is set to return this summer. This measure will likely lead to an increase in drug crime related statistics as more will be caught as officers spend more time in our parks.

Even car thefts have decreased over the last three years from 263 to 157 to 139 for this particular territory, which includes Cote Saint-Luc, Hampstead and Montreal West. “Be careful parking at Decarie Square. given its proximity to the Decarie Expressway.”

I can vouch for that. My car was stolen right in front of my eyes at Vezina and Decarie many years ago. Thieves disappeared onto the highway within two minutes as I watched in frustration and despite police giving chase. The car was never recovered.

Car accidents for the past three years have gone from 382 to 434 to 415. “This is a priority area,” Sergeant Cunningham said. The Police study the reasons for each accident and undertake programs to reduce these incidents. Of course the vast majority are minor incidents but given the number of students, youngsters and elderly the goal is to educate and reduce accidents.

‘When are homes most likely to be broken into’ Cunningham was asked?

House most often are broken into when residents are at work. House alarms are helpful but not fool proof. The best bet is when the house looks busy, lights are on and there’s noise. “When you get broken into you have a 50% chance of having another break-in if you don’t change the circumstances. Thieves will always go for the easiest target,” Cunningham said.