Cote Saint-Luc Council adopted a resolution opposing the decision by Canada Post to end home delivery at the monthly public meeting last night. The resolution asks the Crown Corporation to enter into discussion with municipalities that are directly concerned by the mail service reform as soon as possible.

Canada Post recently made an official announcement of an impending reform of its services. This  implies a cost increase for mailings,  as well as a five year phase out of door to door mail delivery. It is being proposed to replace home delivery service by community mail boxes.


The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has expressed concern over the consequences of this reform particularly with regard to an aging population and households which rely on the home mail delivery. There are elderly residents within our community, some of whom are limited in their mobility and who will be directly affected by this reform of an essential service, together with all other residents. The elimination of home delivery service will create an unnecessary hardship for persons with handicaps.

There are some 14,911 addresses in our community including private residences and companies. The presence of the community mail boxes will have an impact on traffic, parking, snow removal, removal of graffiti and many public works operations.

Community mail boxes will have to be accessible 24 hours a day, which will create a number of safety issues.

Canada Post will deposit considerable amounts of advertising materials (junk mail) in the community mail boxes, which in turn will increase the risk of littering problems and overflowing refuse containers in the vicinity of these mail boxes.

The Crown Corporation needs to be reminded that any intervention such as the installation of a community mail box on public or private property requires the prior approval of the municipality. There are also significant aesthetic and logistical issues that in many locations will make the installation of community mail boxes difficult, if not impossible. These structures will have environmental consequences in that it will result in citizens using their vehicles to drive to and from these mail boxes.

Canada Post did not consult with municipal leaders before announcing its intention to end door to door mail delivery.