Police officers Elyanne Caouette and Josée Bergeron suited up for two-wheeled patrol

Police officers Elyanne Caouette and Josée Bergeron suited up for two-wheeled patrol

The 2014 summer season is officially underway for the bike patrol team from Neighbourhood Police Station #9 (also known as PDQ 9).

Socio-community agent Marie-Christine Norbert reports that residents of the area served by PDQ 9 will see officers Elyanne Caouette and Josée Bergeron this summer as they cycle on the streets and in the parks of Hampstead, Côte Saint -Luc and Montreal West. The bike patrollers can intervene in any situation just as the officers in vehicles do. This will increase police response to the population, whether the officer is on foot patrol, on bicycle or in a patrol car. This will ensure and improve the safety of citizens.

Officers will also be present in prevention activities , such ” Geni – Bike ” in the various parks and day camps during the summer and the various activities of community-based prevention . Their focus will be on youth and seniors in the PDQ 9 area.

“Project Number” is also being launched to prevent bike theft. The bike patrollers will be available to engrave residents’ bicycles for free to help prevent the theft of bicycles. To do this, you must make an appointment with them by calling the 514 796-7813.

And here are a few tips from the police to help prevent bicycle theft:

  • Always lock your bike to a solid post with a good lock
  • When you lock your bike, if your front wheel is equipped with a lever to remove it quickly, remove and lock it to your rear wheel and the frame
  • Avoid leaving your bike locked in the same place on consecutive days without supervision
  • Take note of the characteristics of your bike, ie: brand, model, style, number of speeds, color, year manufacture, serial number and any other features

And please remember that Cote Saint-Luc’s bike helmet law makes it mandatory for cyclists we protect their heads! Wear a helmet!