2014-05-14 CSL Cllr protests lack of English Mtl Fire Dept, Suburban

Suburban May 14, 2014. Click to enlarge.


We’ve heard for 10 years that the English side of the Montreal Fire Department website is coming. It doesn’t take 10 years. It takes a commitment to get it done and obviously they have very little interest. I hope Mayor Coderre will take note and will order the FD to properly communicate with all residents.


What’s more, the FD continues to post Tweets pretty much in French only. Most of their publicity is in French only. Have a look at their Youtube channel. Excellent material, very professional and informative. Hardly anything in English.

But,  the Charter of the French Language says in section 22, “The civil administration shall use only French in signs and posters, except where reasons of health or public safety require the use of another language as well”. It would seem logical the information emanating from the Montreal Fire Department is for reasons of public safety!