Cote Saint-Luc newest beachfront property?

Discussion on the tropical Caribbean Island of Turks and Caicos joining Canada have swirled through the halls of Parliament in Ottawa for one hundred years. But today rumours are rampant once again as the heads of government meet to discuss closer ties.

After a century of pondering the annexation of the lush island I say if Canada doesn’t do it Cote Saint-Luc should!

How marvelous would it be for Cote Saint-Luc to double its population of 30,000 residents by joining with 30,000 more islanders? This would even make CSL one of the largest suburbs in Montreal. Our residents could vacation and own businesses in “CSL South”, be covered by medicare at the JGH Beachfront Clinic and shop at the Caventurks Mall.

Our renowned EMS volunteers could do beach rescue and acquire a high speed power boat for first response medical care to outlying islands in the archipelago. vCOP crews could patrol year round on electric scooters and electric sea doos. Public Security would enforce new municipal bylaws like No Braiding on the Beach! The CSL Public Library would have a new drop off point in major hotels.

vCOP may soon be patrolling Turks and Caicos

vCOP may soon be patrolling Turks and Caicos

Our new ‘District 9’ would hold open meetings local meetings where residents are welcome in T shirts and shorts. This would bring the CSL Fun Card to new heights with the same old pass for skating and pedalos up north and for beach cabanas and catamarans down south.

If Canada can’t make the right decision to hook up with Turks and Caicos then we should pass a resolution in Council and do it ourselves.