Beit Halochem: Giving them the help they need!

After Israeli disabled veterans and victims of terrorism leave the hospital, they come to Beit Halochem rehabilitation, sports and cultural centres in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Nahariya and Beer Sheva.

These young heroes will need specialized therapy and rehabilitation for the rest of their lives. Donations support ongoing programs and purchase much-needed equipment for the Beit Halochem centres, which boast an array of specialized facilities offering both physical and emotional support to the disabled victims, veterans and their families.

Last Tuesday night marked the 13th annual Beit Halochem concert in Montreal, featuring ten heroes, disabled veterans from wars and terrorist incursions in Israel. Yet these exceptional individuals are far from “disabled”. Each one has learned to adapt and excel, despite the magnitude of their incredible physical, psychological or emotional setbacks. And even more incredible is the extent to which each has bounced back.

My wife and I have attended nearly every one of the thirteen annual concerts and this amazing experience is a highlight on our social calendar. The bravery of the soldiers we meet leaves us speechless. Their immense courage to overcome their wounds and to push their limits beyond imagination is impossible to describe. If you have never attended this event be sure to look for it next year. If you have never supported this magnificent organization you can do so right now and make a real difference in the life of a heroic disabled veteran.