The Suburban Newspaper’s Joel Goldenberg began a series this week dealing with the efforts of Cote Saint-Luc Councillor Ruth Kovac and Hampstead lawyer Harold Staviss along with others who continue the struggle for language rights and respect in Quebec. For too many years retailers, companies and government offices have either refused to serve clients in English or have displayed French only signs even though the restrictive language laws allow for other languages on commercial signs.

I have singled out the Montreal Fire Department for their abysmal lack of English on their website and in social media, particularly their almost exclusive French tweets.

As well, I have criticized Hydro Quebec for not communicating nearly enough on their Twitter account.

The Quebec Transport Department is faulty at their lack of English on the massive public safety messaging electronic billboards they have erected on major highways around the city.

These are but a few examples of institutionalized discrimination against English-speaking Quebecers and tourists.

I encourage Kovac and Staviss, and anyone willing to get involved, to continue calling and writing to these companies, stores, agencies and offices and demanding the respect and rights that have eroded over the last four decades.

Read the article here: It’s a matter of respect_bilingualism_Suburban_2014-06-25