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As a recreational cyclist, along with my family, I am so pleased to see more and more Cote Saint-Luc families partaking in two-wheeled outings. Our CSL CYCLES initiative is just a few years old and keeps getting better each year.  I have chaired this committee since its inception and have worked with the traffic engineers as well as Mayor Anthony Housefather and the councillors to get this plan off the ground. It is a multi-year program and we have made slow and steady progress.

Initially we created the 10 km loop to nowhere. It isn’t a destination path. It’s simply a rec path/lane that offers a partially protected lane/route/path with directional signs, warning chevrons painted on the street and warning signs for motorists that bikes are sharing the road. We also modified our regulations to allow bikes to ride through our larger parks.

CSL Cycles District 3

Next we eased our regulation against riding a bike on sidewalks for the underpasses only as it’s simply safer to be on the sidewalk, and respect pedestrians, than to ride on the roadway there. We looked at a dedicated lane for bikes under the underpasses but the engineers indicated that there simply is not enough width without losing a lane of vehicular traffic. That’s a non-starter. Personally, I’d like to see a sign indicating bikes are sharing the road in the underpasses but I understand that could raise cyclists expectations that this is a safer option than using the sidewalk (which may be less convenient for some). So we opted for a sidewalk cut to allow bikes to ride up onto the sidewalk. (There aren’t many pedestrians there anyhow).

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We’ve added an eastbound bike lane on Kildare from Westminster to Shalom, through Kovac Park and onto The Avenue where we built a dedicated bike path, separated from the street .

We also added a two-way lane with bollards along Baily and a lane up to CSL Road to allow closer access to the NDG route along West Broadway.

I’d like to see us connect with Montreal West where they could create a safer passage parallel to Westminster to get to the Lachine Canal. This is completely up to Montreal West, of course, but so far we haven’t seen much progress there.

Hampstead has shown some interest and last year painted some street markings and chevrons delineating a bike route out toward Plamondon, where Montreal has started a bike lane east of Decarie that they had once said they’d bring to the Hampstead town line some day.

I have big dreams about pedestrian/cycle overpasses over the tracks between Baily and Wavell and dedicated lanes under the underpasses. These are proving to be lofty ideas that haven’t yet materialized because of physical or financial or other constraints. That said we are indeed making progress each season. With limited resources we are taking a realistic and steady approach, making it safer and more fun for cyclists to ride in and through Cote Saint-Luc.