Jews on the verge of a ‘YidLife Crisis’ | The Times of Israel.

Two graduates from Cote Saint-Luc’s Bialik High School have produced an online comedy series, a la Seinfeld, all in Yiddish? Oy, can you imagine such narishkeit?

This is pure Cote Saint-Luc / Montreal Jewish genius! Drinking in the very best that Montreal’s multicultural Mile End has to offer, Chaimie and Leizer, best friends and debating adversaries, tackle life, love, and lactose intolerance in this foodie centric web series done entirely in their grandparents’ Yiddish.

Bravo to Eli and Jamie. A shainem dunk un zol zein gezunt. And I encourage you to film in beautiful Cote Saint-Luc, maybe at the CavenYiddish mall? And how about at the JGH?

Great idea. So funny. Very creative.