The city of Cote Saint-Luc took steps last night to protect non-smokers, and potentially future smokers, from the as of yet unclear side affects of e-cigarettes. Council gave notice of motion that it will amend its bylaws to regulate electronic or vapor cigarettes in the same way it, and the province, regulates normal tobacco cigarettes.

Cigarette smoking is prohibited in municipal facilities, retail establishments and restaurants as well as playgrounds among other locations. With this bylaw amendment, which I was pleased to put forward, the e-cigarette will be banned in all places where cigarettes are currently banned.

What is an e-cigarette? An electronic cigarette, personal vaporizer or electronicnicotine delivery system is a battery-powered vaporizer which has the feel of tobacco smoking. They produce airborne particles in a gas rather than cigarette smoke.

Mayor Anthony Housefather said that Cote Saint-Luc continues to be a leader and this city may be the first in Quebec to adopt such a bylaw.