Gravy on the side Dec 2014


It was like being at a variety show on a cruise ship.

There are alway talented folks living next door that catch us by surprise. Such was the case at last night’s rendition of the Cote Saint-Luc Dramatics Society’s Gravy on the Side variety show. Talented, entertaining and amusing locals took to the stage for a low cost evening show, right around the corner from home in the Greenspon Auditorium at Cote Saint-Luc City Hall on Cavendish Blvd.

Crooner Brandon Schwartz wows the crowd

Crooner Brandon Schwartz wows the crowd


Hosted by the dramatic society’s director and Bialik drama champion Anisa Cameron along with the lovely and talented Riva and rising star musical sensation Brandon Schwartz the show featured a little comedy, a ukulele duo, tamp dancer, poetry reading, ventriloquist and more.

Councillor Mitchell Brownstein is the brainchild and founder behind the Dramatic Society. He has been performing on stage since childhood which he emphasizes helped prepare him for his career as a lawyer as well as his sideline in politics. Brownstein did a funny rendition of I’ll Be a Dentist from Little Shop of Horrors. You can see from the get go that he loves performing on stage and is comfortable under the spotlight.

Eliezer is a constituent of mine and a fine gentleman. One recent Sunday afternoon he invited me in to learn about his Ukulele club, a unique group that meets regularly in Cote Saint-Luc. He performed a few numbers on stage with a lovely 80 year young rookie Ukulele player. They were great. Of note was their hilarious singing of “I’m spending Chanukah in Santa Monica.” If you’ve never heard that tune look it up on YouTube. It’s very funny. Later, the multi-talented Eliezer returned as a ventriloquist for a comedy routine with his dummy, Wally.

The evening ended on a high with a rousing solo guitar number by Brandon Schwartz. His highs are high and he can carry a tune like no other local I’ve heard since Nikki Yanofsky’s career took off in the last ten years. Schwartz left us wanting more and I will most certainly return once again for a little more Gravy on the Side.