The Cote Saint-Luc Dramatic Society smash presentation of Catch Me If You Can – The Musical has done it again. Opening night of the limited re-run was a sell out last night at the Studio of the Segal Centre for Performing Arts. The upbeat, foot-tapping, funny and fast-paced musical was last year’s star-studded success by the tremendously talented director Anisa Cameron, and returns until Sunday only.

The packed audience applauded loudly after each spectacular musical number by the incredibly energetic and enthusiastic cast that engulfed the small theatre.

Councillor Mitchell Brownstein with actor Brandon Schwartz

Drama Society founder Councillor Mitchell Brownstein with rising star actor Brandon Schwartz

Lead performer Brandon Schwartz stole the show once again with his Bublé-esque jazz sensation voice in the role of fraudster extraordinaire Frank Abagnale, Jr. Schwartz’s acting skills were evident from the very first scene where he lead a full chorus in ‘Live in Living Colour‘ and got the audience snapping to the beat. This up and coming actor and singer remained on stage for nearly the entire performance wowing the crowd with his high pitches, his crooning skills and dance moves all with a youthful ear to ear smile.

Several supporting actors stood out for their strong singing talents and outstanding stage presence. Abagnale’s parents were played by Matthew Mckeon and Marieve Guerin. They were ever so talented and entertained the crowd with great voices and powerful acting. The bumbling FBI agent Carl Hanratty, played by Mike Melino was tremendous in every scene. Abagnale’s woman, Brenda Strong, was actress Megan Magisano who did a beautiful number, ‘Fly, Fly Away’ with emotion and passion.

The singers, dancers, FBI men along with talented cameos by CSL Councillor and Dramatic Society founder Mitchell Brownstein, DDO Councillor Herbert Brownstein and CSL Parks and Rec Director David Taveroff kept the theatre filled with beautiful music and the stage packed with exciting entertainment.

The phenomenal eight piece orchestra brought the music alive. Costumes were so 1960s and choreography, lighting and technical staging were so impressive.

“Our cast is dynamite,” Cameron said. “We really lucked out. Just a huge pool of talent came out for the show. It’s really a professional-level production.”

“Brandon is already known in the community, both at the Segal Centre and the Côte Saint Luc Dramatic Society, and as a graduate of Bialik High School,” Brownstein said of Brandon Schwartz. “He’s been studying music and theatre since the age of five. He has such a beautiful singing voice.”

Said Cameron, “It really is a huge show that we’re putting into a small venue. It’s going to feel very intimate and very exciting for the audience the whole way through.”

Featuring plenty of songs by the same team behind the musical version of Hairspray, Catch Me If You Can may very well prove to be catchy in its own right.

“The music is so fantastic,” said Cameron. “All the songs are catchy. You’re going to leave the theatre singing the songs. If you know and love Hairspray, you know this is going to be a great show.”

This was my second time out to see this Montreal English Theatre Awards nominated show, this time returning with many friends. There are just a few performances this time around and tickets are sure to sell out fast. You don’t want to miss out on the fun and entertainment. For tickets and information, visit the CSL Dramatic Society website or Facebook page. Catch it while you can!