The Journal Metro is reporting that the vocation of Meadowbrook Golf Course is about to be confirmed as a green space. The Executive Committee of the City of Montreal will address this issue on Wednesday.

You’ll recall that the portion of the golf course located in the City of Côte Saint-Luc is zoned green since 2000 while the Lachine side was slated for residential development. Now, a new version of the master development plan of the Montreal Agglomeration is showing the entire golf course as “a large green space or recreation.”

This is one of the 53 recommendations being put forward by the commission on development, which received input from citizens and groups during the fall. It justified this recommendation by stating that the portion of Meadowbrook Golf that is in Côte Saint-Luc already has a vocation of green space and the Montreal office of public consultation suggested twice before to protect the area from real estate development.

According to CSL Councillor Dida Berku and Friends of Meadowbrook, the entire site must be considered a green space. This designation is necessary because the course is located near the railway and the service centre of the AMT and a Canadian Pacific rail yard.

Meadowbrook Golf covers 57 hectares. One part is in the borough of Lachine and the other in the city of Côte Saint-Luc. Apart from the Golf Club many animals take refuge there, such as foxes, hares and migratory birds, according to Friends of Meadowbrook. Two branches of the Little St. Pierre stream flow through the golf course and many very old trees stand there.

This is tremendous news and I’m hopeful that the Executive committee finally recognizes Meadowbrook for its rich heritage as a green oasis for the West End of the Island, to be enjoyed by all Montrealer Island residents and visitors, not just golfers, in perpetuity.

Le golf Meadowbrook bientôt un espace vert | Métro.